NEC's renowned DANTOTSU "leading-edge" technology for unparalleled performance and serviceability

Intel Atom™ D525 1.80GHz/ Celeron®, Intel Celeron® P4505 1.86 GHz / Core i3 330E, 2.13 GHz / Core i5 520E, 2.4 GHz

  • Lower TCO
  • Tool-Free/Faster Maintenance
  • High durability against water spills and dust, robustness and environmental friendliness
  • Flexible and scalable configuration
  • Fan-less option

A sequel in the “TWINPOS Series”, TWINPOS G5 delivers TCO-slashing serviceability and powerful energy-efficient performance — made possible by NEC DANTOTSU “leading-edge” technology that scales and flexibly satisfies the highest expectations of demanding retailers worldwide.

TWINPOS G5 design advances environmental durability and high quality materials retain the stylish, crisp store ambiance. Key components servicing is engineered for completion within 5 minutes; reducing labor and minimizing technician levels. Dual built in LCD touch screen POS and a space-saving footprint maximize promotion and cashier area. All this combines making the TWINPOS G5 ideally suited for retail chain stores such as grocery, drug ,convenience and specialty stores as well as quick-service restaurants. Discover proven performance and unparalleled reliability ... discover TWINPOS G5!

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Features Standard Fanless Model (HDD/SSD)

Intel Celeron P4505 1.86GHz(Dual core)

Core i3 330E, 2.13GHz

Core i5 520E, 2.4GHz

Intel Atom D525 1.80GHz(Dual core)
Main Memory 1 GB to 4 GB DDR3 1 GB to 4 GB DDR3
Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive 3.5” SATA HDD
(320GB or higher)
(320GB or higher)
(8GB or higher)
Operating System Pre-installed Windows® POSReady 2009 Windows® POSReady 2009

Operating Systems Supported

(for Non-OS Model)

Windows® XP Professional (SP3/32-bit)

Windows® 7 Professional (32-bit)

Windows® POS Ready 2009

Windows® XP Professional (SP3/32-bit)

Windows® 7 Professional (32-bit)

Windows® POS Ready 2009

Network 1 x 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T 1 x 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
I/O Board Standard DC OUT Plus Standard
Display Ports VGA x 1 VGA x 1
PS/2 Ports 2 2
Line-in 1 1
Microphone 1 1
Line-out/Headphone 1 1
COM Ports 3 3
USB 2.0 Ports 3 (1 front) 7 (1 front) 7 (1 front)
12V Powered USB Ports 1 0 0
24V Powered USB Ports 0 0 0
Powered COM Ports (5V/12V) 3 3 3
24V DC Outlets (for printer, max 3A) 1 0 0
12V DC Outlets 0 0 0
Cash Drawer Ports 2 2
Parallel Ports 1 1
Operator Display 12”(XGA) / 15”(XGA) 12”(XGA) / 15”(XGA)
Customer Display (Optional) 12”(XGA) / VFD(2X20) 12”(XGA) / VFD(2X20)
Weight (without customer display)   - -
12” 11.4kg (25.1lb) 11.4kg (25.1lb)
15” 12.1kg (26.6lb) 12.1kg (26.6lb)
Dimensions (W x D x H)   - -
12” 300 x 235 x 403 mm 300 x 235 x 403 mm
15” 363 x 239 x 415 mm 363 x 239 x 415 mm
Power Consumption (Typical Operation)

Celeron, OP15”, MSR: 60W

Max Configuration: 180W

Max Power Capacity: 250W

Atom, OP15", MSR: 30W

Max Configuration: 70W

Max Power Capacity: 100W

Optional software

Remote maintenance solution interface

Optional Peripherals

Items Specifications
Thermal Receipt Printer Print Speed 250mm/s (maximum), Print Resolution 203 dpi, 80 & 58 mm width paper, USB 2.0 Interface
Dot Impact Receipt Printer Print Speed 5.58Line/s (maximum), 76, 70, 58 mm width paper, USB 2.0 interface
Remote Customer Display 20 x 2 alphanumeric FIP display, USB interface
Built-in Card Reader ANS/ISO Standards 7810.7811-1/6.7813, Reading Speed 7-250cm/s, Reading Sensitivity 30-200%, USB interface (Keyboard Emulator)